Living on Prana – Yogi Lives Seven Decades Without Food or Water

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To us in the West, this is a scientific miracle. In the East, it’s not unusual to live on prana if you are a “real” yogi. The universal life energy is called prana in India and qi in China.

I know that there were Westerners who tested this in the ninety’s, with better and worse results – the “Living on Light” movement. The ones I heard of drank or ate small amounts of coffee! and chocolate! since they were not free from desire for this. Then I heard no more about them until I read an article in a Swedish newspaper from 2009 about living on air, “Att leva på luft“. It’s a good article that speaks about how Jasmuheen actually didn’t make it when a TV-team tried her ability to survive without eating or drinking.

“When the Australian “60 Minutes” in October 1999 challenged Jasmuheen and shut her in a hotel room in Brisbane for a few days, which really only should have been an interesting variety of air to enjoy, it went completely out of control.

After only 48 hours the television team’s doctor noticed that Jasmuheen suffered from dehydration and high blood pressure. Jasmuheen herself explained that the air inside the room was not so good, so after three days the team moved her to a location in the hills, a good distance from the nearest town.

But again it didn’t work for Jasmuheen. After four days, she had lost six kilograms in weight and her speech was becoming more and more drawled, pulse rushed high and when the doctor finally was concerned that her kidneys could take permanent damage the filming was suspended.

Although at least three people had died after reading Jasmuheens books and tried to follow their guru, the author herself has never wanted to take any responsibility for the deaths. Instead, she said, in one of the deaths, the woman “did not come from a place with integrity and did not have the right motivation”.”

I do not recommend this method with fasting over a long period since I believe you have to be a truly informed yogi to do it. And a cure for starvation, it is hardly…

Indian Man Lives Seven Decades Without Food or Water

Epoch Times

A hermit in India’s Ahmedabad City claims to have survived without food and water for the last 70 years.

The Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences is carrying out a study on Prahlad Jani at a private hospital to understand the phenomenon behind his claim.

He will be kept under observation at the hospital for the next 15 days and will go through a number of tests.

[Dr. G. Ilavazhagan, Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences]:
“This may help in working out strategies for survival without food and water when it is not available, for example, in natural calamities, people face this situation. Similarly, our soldiers may also face this situation when they are left in the deserts or in forest or in high altitude areas.”

A neurophysician says Jani’s survival is miraculous.

[Sudhir Shah, Neurophysician]:
“A person can live without food and water for three, four, seven to 12 days and we have studied during …fasting in the past that people have done fasting for 16 or 30 days, but they were taking water after eight days and certainly they pass urine but this case is a unique phenomena.”

Some tests on his brain revealed that it resembled that of a 25-year-old person.

Jani has also claimed he has a hole in his palate and through his head where a drop or two of nectar passes that helps him survive.

Initial test reports confirmed Jani’s body has undergone a biological transformation due to yoga exercises.

Doctors also said there was no sign of fatigue or any other problem with the hermit, and he still prefers using stairs to the elevator.

Not much is known about Jani’s family since he had left home at the age of seven and wandered in jungles.

via Epoch Times – Indian Man Lives Seven Decades Without Food or Water

More articles: Researchers Find Miracles in Yogi’s Fasting

News about Prahlad Jani (translated):

“Everything is the guru’s own statements, but at a hospital in the Indian state of Gujarat has Jani been locked in for two weeks, with a sealed toilet and studied through a glass window, and with surveillance cameras. He seems to have survived only on air.

When Jani on Thursday was released from his isolation, were the doctors baffled.

– He is fresh and keen. What is truly astonishing, and something we have no explanation for, is that he has not passed stools or urine. To my knowledge, that is medically unprecedented, says one of the doctors who examined the guru.”

(Aftonbladet Newspaper)

Latest article: Epoch Times – Study on Yogi Prahlad Jani’s Fasting Miracles Concludes..



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  1. so prana is impossible, isn’t it ?
    and why would you do that ? having a special power… go to help people instead 🙂

    • I think it’s just funny that it’s possible to do it 🙂 Of course it’s better to help people and animals and the environment 🙂 But all people’s fates are different and he chose that way 🙂

    • I think he is motivated enough to set people an example to stop consumerism. He does help people with the right motivation. Instead of giving people the source of the energy, he has gone to the next level of showing them the source of energy. With right motivation one would understand.

  2. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic
    but it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
    Outstanding choice of colors!

  3. It’s very simple to find out any topic on net as
    compared to books, as I found this paragraph at this web page.

  4. I hope we can all evolve enough to survive on prana.

  5. This is the future. In 1999 I lived on Light for 6 weeks and felt good. My big regret is allowing myself to be sucked back into mainstream thinking and began to eat again, vegetarian and vegan food only, mainly fruit, veg and cereals. Now I am retired and free to live the way I choose I intend to start living on Light again. Love and
    Light to all. Namaste.

  6. The reason for this if possible is to no longer participate in the harm and or murder of plant kingdom as well as animal kingdom . These capabilities should assist in a fruit and moral way of eating vegetables that do not harm the plant so it may continue to grow as well as reproduce it’self with the seeds collected and when one is complete then only need the energetics of the system around and in us to flow in and out of and with this state and all that lead to it, Helping all that is should be part of this process . These are the reasons for wanting or needing to do this as well as survival as necessary in extreme conditions as a monastic/ hermit .

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