Approaches to Reincarnation Research

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By Qiangceng Li

Reincarnation is a subject that attracts a lot of interest but is difficult to study rigorously. In 1882, scholars and members of spiritual organizations founded the Society for Psychical Research in London. One of its major goals was to investigate, publicize, and describe those phenomena that provided evidence for the existence of life after the death of one’s physical body.

From 1882 to 1930, French and Italian members of the society discovered several cases in which people could recall activities in their previous lives. Some cases had been investigated for an extended period of time and were quite convincing. The type of methodology used for these people to recall their previous lives was followed up with further investigation by researchers using traditional psychiatric methods.

Introduction of Hypnotherapy

A technique used in reincarnation research was hypnotherapy. One of the most famous investigators of supernormal phenomena in France, Colonel Albert de Rochas was the first to use a systematic hypnotherapy approach to induce subjects to recall memories of previous lives. Rochas found that even if subjects expressed little interest in reincarnation, they could still remember activities from previous lives. Rochas summarized his discovery in a paper published in 1905.

In 1956, amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein’s famous book on reincarnation, The Search for Bridey Murphy, was published. In this book, Bernstein presented to his readers one of his hypnotherapy cases. Readers and investigators alike were fascinated by his presentation of the concepts of reincarnation and the extent of hypnotic regression therapy occurring in the United States and in other parts of the world.

The broad appeal and acceptance of this book indicated that reincarnation studies had found a legitimate place in modern Western science and prepared the stage for further reincarnation research.

Read more: Epoch Times – Approaches to Reincarnation Research.


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