A Ticking Bomb – Not Good for Your Brain and Health

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I think you really should take this seriously, the risks with cellphones and other wireless communications. I’m not good enough in English to be able to write about it, but there are studies that really should make you think twice about your and your children’s health. Watch out! Look for information that is not paid by the companies that are making these things. Use the cellphones but do it carefully!

Link: Robert C. Kane – Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

par Michael Heiming

Robert C. Kane had been working as top developer inside Motorola for decades, developing mobile phones. He died from brain cancer a few years ago, not without leaving this planet with a message, which you can find in his book:

Robert C. Kane - Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette - Cover

Robert. C. Kane
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette

Robert C. Kane has been actively employed in the telecommunications industry for more than thirty years. He holds a BSEE from the Midwest College of Engineering, an MSEE with an emphasis in electromagnetics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and also at the Illinois Institute of Technology, has completed the full course of study and research leading to the Ph.D. in electrical engineering with emphasis in the fields of electromagnetics and solid-state physics.

As a research scientist and product design engineer, he has been directly involved with programs and projects for the design and development of portable cell phones, radio frequency mobile radios, microwave telecommunications systems, video display systems, and biological effects research.

Download the complete book (pdf): Robert_C_Kane_Cellular_Telephone_Russian_Roulette


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