Today’s Thoughts – Seize the Day

5 April, 2011 at 00:35 | Posted in Body & Mind, Spirituality, thoughts of the day | Leave a comment
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Carpe Diem – Seize the day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Familiar words to most of us. Those words came to me today as I stood and washed the dishes this morning. Doesn’t that in fact mean appreciating the moment and being that what is called mindfulness? Mindfulness (living in the moment and experience the present moment), actually originated from the Eastern wisdom, the inborn nature of it is an Eastern concept. Carpe Diem in Latin, we in the West have our own wisdom.

Actually, isn’t everything universal? Everything is the same, but in different ways in the different cultures of West-East. In the West, we had the Christian mystics, and surely they had contact with their friends, the Eastern mystics. According to some sources was Jesus, during the years he “disappeared” and nothing was written down, living in the East . Then he came back, rescued people and created a world religion to lead people according to divine universal principles, in the West.

I think he became enlightened while he was away, I think he was taught in the East. Religion has in essence the aim to guide people so they can live in harmony with heavenly laws. When we go against these heavenly laws, we create karma. “As you sow, you reap,” said Jesus. It is a heavenly principle that people often seem to have forgotten. They think they are the crown of creation and can do whatever they want, without any consequences. I think it’s because of this we have so much cruelty. Imagine if all of them, who are cruel to other sentient beings, realized that one day they will face the same thing, directed against themself, would they choose being cruel then?

Seize the day; at every moment in the present choose to be a good, understanding, unselfish and compassionate human being, can we create something better than that during our day? Can we create something more important than that? I don’t think so, because then we give love, selfless love. And selfless love is the foundation of all life.  We can manifest  unselfish love within us by being a good being, understanding, forgiving, patient; thus staying in harmony with our innermost true essence. For THAT is your true divine nature, according to my way of looking at things.

And what if we could change our approach from “I want” to “I want to give” …


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