Why High-Fat Diets Are Not Fattening

10 April, 2011 at 17:51 | Posted in Body & Mind | Leave a comment
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By Dr. John Briffa

It is easy to believe that fat is fattening. Compared to carbohydrate or protein, fat is rich in calories. However, the evidence does not link eating fat with obesity.

Eating low-fat diets is quite ineffective for weight loss. The evidence suggests that fat is not fattening. Understanding how this can be helps us understand what influences the accumulation of fat in the fat cells.

One key player is insulin. This hormone predisposes the body to fat accumulation through a variety of mechanisms, including enhanced uptake of fat into the fat cells (through activation of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase) and suppression of fat release (by inhibiting the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase).

Fat does not stimulate insulin secretion directly. Is it possible that someone could eat a diet of nothing but fat and lose weight? This concept may sound far-fetched, but there is evidence for it.

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