Film: ‘Awakening’ in World Premiere

20 April, 2011 at 10:53 | Posted in Culture, Spirituality | Leave a comment
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By Gary Feuerberg
Epoch Times Staff

WASHINGTON—Awakening, a new 82-minute film by Shen Zhou Film Studio, will have its world premiere at American University. Director Hong Wei and part of her production team will be on hand to meet with the audience and answer questions.

According to Shen Zhou Film studio, Awakening is about three immortals descending to the world from the heavens, reincarnating lifetime after lifetime for a thousand years. During this time, they live as royalty, peasants, and lastly as modern day individuals. Amid delusion and tragedies, they struggle to maintain their sacred vows to one another, while searching for the meaning of life on earth. With the way back to heaven finally within their grasp, they face the hardest challenge of their several lives.

Awakening won praises at the fourth international 2011 Taiwan Film Festival in February. Among members of the audience in Taiwan were movie directors and playwrights. Some commented that Awakening had a flowing story line. One director said it captured the audience and engaged them to think beyond what was shown. He added that the artistic form of this movie was that of “a beautiful picture.”

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