More Tainted Buns Found in China

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Epoch Times Staff

Steamed buns are hot sellers in China, they are sold by the tens of thousands and eaten like bread in our country, but they have just become the latest item added to the long list of tainted foods there.

Two days after officials shut down the Shanghai Shenglu Food Company on April 13, and ordered a massive recall of chemical-laden buns, another bun factory in a southern city of China was found to produce tens of thousands of “corn buns” without corn but with loads of artificial color and flavoring chemicals instead.

The bun production site, located on Ganzhong Road in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was a very old, dirty, and primitive make-shift facility according to an April 17 Youth Times report.

Steamers were placed on the ground in a tent outside the building, next to piles of coal and charcoal. There was mud all over the ground and mold on the walls.

Five bottles of Tartrazine, also called lemon yellow 60, sweet corn flavor, golden corn flavor, three bags of saccharin sodium, and dry yeast were sitting on the workplace counter. But not a grain of corn was seen anywhere, the Youth Times said.

A female worker at the site said the lemon yellow, corn flavor, and wheat flour were mixed together to make “corn” buns. White buns are made without the artificial color, she said. Saccharin sodium and other additives were added to increase sweetness and flavor. “As far as how much to add in, it depends on the look and feel,” the worker said.

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