Chinese Outraged at Attempt to Censor Food Safety

20 June, 2011 at 08:48 | Posted in Body & Mind, China, Environmental issues, Food | Leave a comment
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By Gary Pansey and Veronica Wong
Epoch Times Staff

Recent remarks from the Chinese Health Ministry showing its intention to target reporters using a blacklist have sparked outrage. The blacklist will ostensibly “restrain certain media who intentionally mislead the public,” but watchdogs highlight the fact that only independent media have successfully exposed food safety issues, not the Ministry.

Ministry spokesman Mao Qunan, speaking on June 13 at a conference titled, “Understanding the Science of Food Additives,” claimed that: “There is a need to strengthen the monitoring of communication methods. For particular reporters, we will develop a blacklist.”

Mao has also said that most of China’s food safety problems are due to bacterial contamination, and that an overemphasis on the problems of additives (such as the melamine that caused babies’ kidney stones) will create an unwarranted bias and distraction.

Arrogant Usurpation of Authority

A Beijing lawyer, Mr. Lee, says, “The Ministry of Health does not have the authority to make such a request to the media. It has a statutory obligation to accept the media’s supervision.”

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