Letter: Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Chen Guangcheng and Wife Beaten

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Epoch Times Staff

A letter sent by the wife of blind human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng to a friend describes prolonged beatings she and Chen endured and harassment the entire family has suffered at the hands of local officials.

Chen gained worldwide prominence by working to expose and end the forced abortions and sterilizations caused by the Chinese regime’s one-child policy. That work was rewarded by the authorities with 51 months in prison, where Chen is said to have suffered repeated torture. He was released on Sept. 9, 2010 but then placed under house arrest.

The letter describes how on Feb. 18 a large gang under the command of a local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official burst into Chen’s home. He and his wife, Yuan Weijing, were beaten and tortured by groups of men for two hours. When the gang left, their personal property was stolen. Since the beatings, they have been denied medical treatment, save for one injection given Yuan.

On subsequent invasions of the Chen home, CCP officials stole more property—including the young daughter’s toys and the cane the blind Chen uses to walk, covered the windows with metal, and destroyed their TV antenna. Chen’s mother, who works as a farmer, is now shadowed by three security agents wherever she goes.

Yuan’s letter closes with concerns for Chen’s health, which is deteriorating, and with hope that friends can take legal action on their behalf.

The abuses related in the letter are apparently reprisals for a video Chen made documenting the conditions of the house arrest he and his family had endured since his release from prison. That video was passed to the advocacy group ChinaAid by a sympathetic local official and published on ChinaAid’s website on Feb. 9.

Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid, is quoted on its website as saying the hour-long video shows Chen was “living in miserable conditions, cut off from all outside contact, and detained illegally in his home.”

Yuan’s letter was published on ChinaAid’s website on June 16.

Here is Yuan Weijing’s letter in translation:

On the afternoon of Feb. 18, 2011, 70-80 people broke through our front door led by Yinan Zhang, the deputy secretary of the Shuanghou Township, under the auspices of the Yinan National Security.

My husband Chen Guangcheng and me were once again viciously beaten and subjected to more than 2 hours of savage torture. Without any legal formalities our house was looted by dozens of people not in uniform. My husband and I were seriously injured, and not even allowed to seek medical treatment.

A dozen men wrapped me up with a quilt, and started viciously kicking at my ribs and stamping on me for more than half an hour. Eventually, I struggled and managed to get my head out of the quilt, I saw Guangcheng was surrounded by a dozen or more people. Some forcefully twisted his arms back, while others forcibly pressing his head down, and grabbing him by the collar to lift him up.

Having been weakened by protracted diarrhea, Guangcheng was unable to offer any resistance. This went on for more than two hours until he passed out.

My left eye socket and left ribs feel like they are fractured. My left eye is blackened and swollen, I cannot see for almost a week, and the white of the eye is bloodshot. So far, I still cannot straighten up my back, and it is still painful to breath.

While we were being tortured, the dozens of other people who broke into the house were searching and combing through my house using a variety of detectors. They took away our computers, cameras, video recorders, video tapes, various electric chargers, flashlights, and so on.

They were not uniformed and had no search warrant. When they were searching and looting, they did not speak a word, and there was no seizure authorization document. Before they left, Zhang said, this is the order from above, you should know. Then they threw us on the floor.

The beating left us in so much pain that we could not even roll over when lying on bed. Even so, Guangcheng did not receive any treatment. For myself, I was only allowed to have one intravenous injection by the village doctor on February 19. After that, I could not receive any treatment either.

On March 3, they sealed our windows completely with iron sheet; on March 6, they shut down our electricity supply; on the evening of March 7, the guard sneaked into my house at midnight and destroyed our TV antenna. The electricity was restored on March 8 in early morning.

On March 8, Zhang Jian led a group of over 40 people to break into our residence again. They snatched our computer, hand-written materials, DVD, several remote controls, and all the materials related to Guangcheng’s lawsuit accumulated in these several years.

When I demanded an explanation for their outright robbery, Zhang Jian beat me on my head with his fist.

On March 17, Zhang Jian came again with a group of over 40 people. His colleagues brought with them dozens of huge woven bags. They stuffed everything they thought to be worth taking into the woven bags, including all our books, the paper-cut flowers my daughter made that were pasted onto the wall, calendars, Guangcheng’s walking cane, all the papers, used patch boards, antenna and electric wires, etc.

On March 22, they installed two surveillance cameras, one at the gate and the other at the southwestern corner, which could capture all our activities inside our house.

My daughter has been forbidden to go out since Feb. 24. She has to stay at home all day, just like us. Her books and some toys were taken away as well. The child said: “I am so pitiful. All my belongings are robbed.”

Guangcheng’s mother is being monitored by three personal “cangues” [A cangue is literally a device that fits around the victim’s head and is used for humiliation and corporal punishment, similar to the pillory in the West, except that it is not fixed to a base. at every moment.] Even when she is doing farm work in the field, the personal cangues will follow her footsteps to keep close to her.

Starting from mid-March, my mother-in-law was not allowed to go out, even for grocery shopping. It was therefore very difficult for us to sustain basic living. In addition, Guangcheng’s health is deteriorating daily. In the past, he had fresh blood in his stools when he had diarrhea; now the blood in his stools is black and dark. All these things made me very worried.

When you receive this letter, please try to inform our friends Teng Biao, Zhai Minglei, Jiang Tianyong and Zhang Yongpan. The authorities are committing crimes against us, restricting our personal freedom and breaking into our residence to commit robbery and mayhem.

I hope these friends of our family will take legal action or other necessary moves as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, the authorities had told my mother-in-law twice that we would be transferred to a vacant courtyard at the front of the village.

Thanks a million,
Yuan Weijing

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