‘Buddha’s Light’ Shines Near Chongqing

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By Amy Lien & Gary Pansey
Epoch Times Staff

The alluring and mystical sight of the “Buddha’s Light” appeared above the Yuntai temple on Yuntai Mountain outside Chongqing City, in Sichuan Province.

Bloggers photographed and uploaded scenes of a rarely seen phenomenon.

Glowing with seven different colors above the Yuantong Hall, a circle of the “Buddha’s Light” lasted about for half an hour.

It appeared in the west while the sun was still rising in the east, entrancing the viewers and causing locals to run for their cameras.

Blogger Puti Wushu on www.tianya.cn described it: “With the emergence of sunshine after the rain, some friends invited me together with a tai chi instructor to take pictures on Yuntai Mountain.”

“Upon our arrival at the Yuantong Hall of Yuntai Temple, we witnessed one circle of mystical Buddha light which had not been seen for ages. All of us felt great joy to see the sight. Astoundingly, in the center of the Buddha light was a human shadow.”

“Though five or six of us stood in a line, each of us just saw our own single shadow.”

“At first we found it hard to believe. Then one of us waved his arms with the rest remaining still. What he saw and what he photographed was only his own shadow with his arms waving.”

“Meanwhile, what the rest of us snapped was our single fixed shadow in the center of the Buddha light.”

“Buddha’s Light” is considered to be a “glory,” which is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is believed to arise when light rays enter water droplets at opposite points and then undergo internal reflection.

The first recorded example in China was on Mt. Emei in 63 A.D. That the individual viewer always sees his or her own reflection in the image is regarded as a sign of personal enlightenment and the Buddha’s blessing.

Read the original Chinese article.


via ‘Buddha’s Light’ Shines Near Chongqing | Science | Epoch Times


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