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The increasingly clear autumn air has since a few days arrived and late summer now draws to an end. Everyday life has again made its entrance in my life after I’ve been traveling around in the beautiful summer Sweden. The sun has followed with me on my journey and I’m going to post more pictures on my photo blog, sooner or later. Each thing has its time 🙂

The insights have been many during the trip. When you let the moment have its course and are able to rest in the process, seeing things as they are, without judgment and assessments, being still in thought and heart, you can discover things about yourselves and others, and about life.

The insight that I carry with me most deeply for the moment, is if you’re looking for confirmation from others, seeking confirmation from the outer world, the self will never become satisfied since its nature is the one of wanting more and more. If, instead, you stop seeking confirmation from the outer world and give yourself your own self-worth, based on a realistic view of yourself and what you have to improve, again without judgment and assessments, this will give a firmer foundation to stand upon and a tranquility within arises.

Another important insight is the importance of having an optimistic mind. An optimistic mind, based on a realistic assessment of the status quo in a situation, that can make sensible and wise decisions.

Here are some tips on articles worth reading. Some of the articles I publish on the blog is not so positive since life contains both negative and positive aspects. The most important thing, though, is to find a solution to the problems by being aware of what is happening. That is, in my opinion, one sense of having a positive and optimistic disposition.

Twisted Ring Found Near Milky Way Center

“The Herschel Space Observatory has revealed for the first time the entirety of a cold dusty gas ring near the center of the Milky Way. But there is an enigma to this discovery—the ring appears to be kinked.”

DNA Components May Be Formed in Space

“NASA researchers have found convincing evidence that components of DNA can be made in space.”

Study Finds Conformity Counters Cooperation

“Conformists may try to fit in with the crowd, but do not always expect them to cooperate for the greater good of the group.”

You Are What Your Food Eats

“Recent research has found that what hens eat affects consumers who eat those hens’ eggs.”

Dropping Self-Criticism Drops Pounds

“Most people don’t like getting harsh criticism from others. However, many of us can be our own worst critics. This is particularly the case regarding weight and body image.”

Is Emotional Eating Always Due to Emotions?

“Some individuals claim to be emotional eaters. The idea is that they sometimes feel driven to eat foods as a result of their emotional state. Usually, this is in response to states such as stress, anxiety, or sadness.”


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