Chinese Lawyer Loses Wife and House for Posting a Jasmine Revolution Message

3 September, 2011 at 09:05 | Posted in China, human rights, persecution | Leave a comment
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By Luo Ya
Epoch Times Staff

A recently released Guangzhou lawyer, who was detained by Chinese authorities for posting a message about the Jasmine Revolution, has broken his silence about the mistreatment during his 108 days in detention.

Liu Shihui, a civil rights lawyer from Guangzhou, hasn’t been heard from for over 3 months since his arrest on Feb. 25.

Five days previously, on Feb. 20, Liu wrote on Twitter: “I am having a date with Miss Jasmine at People’s Park in Guangzhou at 2 p.m., Feb. 20. There is nothing private about it, onlookers are welcome.”

On his way to the park Liu was apprehended and beaten by men believed to be plainclothes police. During the beating Lui’s feet were fractured, and he was sent to a hospital. From then on, the outside world lost all contact with him.

After 108 days in detention, Liu was “released on bail” on June 12 and banished to his ancestral hometown in Inner Mongolia.

But on the afternoon of Aug. 21, Liu started posting messages on Twitter, talking of some of the ordeals he suffered while in jail, including torture, having his house confiscated, and his wife–a native of Vietnam–being deported.

In his first message Liu recalled the day when he was arrested. At around 2 a.m. on Feb. 25, police broke into his home after smashing in the iron door. They took away his computer, books, CDs, files, U-disk, mobile phone, the stock machine, and more.

Both he and his new Vietnamese wife were arrested.

Liu said he repeatedly pleated with the police to go easy on his wife, telling them that she is a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese, and asking them to show legal documents for her arrest. But they still took his wife away, saying it was in response to a “crime call.”

Liu’s wife was deported to Vietnam after being illegally held for 17 days.

Life Destroyed

After being arrested, police interrogated Liu day and night and deprived him of sleep for five continuous days. His injured left leg became swollen to twice its normal size, Liu wrote on his Twitter.

But what pained him the most was to lose his wife and his home, and the uncertainty of how his wife was being treated, he said.

“My wife was in their hands for 17 days. What happened during that time? I know nothing at all.”

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