Chinese Internet Control: A Wide Range of Methods

10 September, 2011 at 15:58 | Posted in China, human rights, persecution, Technology | Leave a comment
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By Shannon Liao
Epoch Times Staff

Reporters without Borders released on Wednesday a collection of recent Chinese Communist Party attempts at Internet censorship.

The techniques range from unleashing cyber-attacks; forcing Internet cafes to purchase expensive software or swear off the Internet; planning a children’s censorship program; closing blog accounts of unwieldy users; ordering the private sector around; and arresting netizens.

The report cites the first piece of evidence that the Chinese military engages in cyber warfare. Initially reported by The Epoch Times, the evidence is found in a July 17 CCTV documentary. The documentary briefly showed a screen with writing on the top that says “Select Attack Target” and a drop-down list of Falun Gong websites.

Internet cafes in China now have to choose between paying around $3,100 to get a severely censored version of the Internet, or becoming regular cafes that run without Wi-Fi.

Several netizens were arrested this year, including Hu Di, who went missing in March. Despite being healthy, he was placed in a mental hospital—one of the Chinese regime’s methods of silencing dissent.

A Chinese lawyer lost his wife and his house after he posted a Jasmine Revolution message on Twitter.

Ding Mao and Chen Wei are two other netizens who are still detained. Liu Geng-song, a fourth netizen, was released on August 23 after a four-year prison term.

Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of all arrested netizens and mentions that China is on the their list of Enemies of the Internet.

via Chinese Internet Control: A Wide Range of Methods | Technology | Epoch Times


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