China’s Consumers Fleeing Domestically Produced Milk

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By Jenny Yang
Epoch Times Staff

Consumers in China have lost trust in the domestic milk industry and in rapidly growing numbers prefer to pay more for imported milk powder than to drink fresh Chinese milk. But even as consumers are spurning domestically produced milk, authorities have lowered the standards for milk production.

China’s milk industry took a hit in 2008 when domestically produced milk was discovered to be tainted with melamine. Melamine was added to milk by dairy farmers the Chinese describe as “black-hearted.” The chemical gives a false, inflated reading in the milk’s protein level, making milk production more profitable. But melamine damages the kidneys. At least six infants died and hundreds of thousands of babies were said to have been harmed. The state prohibited parents from assembling any independent list of those injured by the melamine-tainted milk and parents who sought to collect information were punished.

In 2010, many families reported babies undergoing precocious puberty, and all these babies had consumed Shengyuan milk powder, a popular brand in China. In addition, corruption was uncovered in the quality control of milk products.

The results of this record of poisonous products, lack of transparency, and corrupt management are not surprising: consumers are turning their backs on the domestic milk industry.

According to the statistical data released on Sept. 15, by the China International Dairy Trade Fair the quantity of milk powder imported into China has increased dramatically since 2008, with the move to foreign milk products steadily accelerating, even though the imported milk powder is more expensive than domestically produced milk.

Read more: China’s Consumers Fleeing Domestically Produced Milk | China News | Epoch Times


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