Nourish Heart and Mind With Half-Hour Meditation

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The benefits

Office staff members are always tense. They end up with backaches, anxiety, and sallow complexions. Although they may have gym memberships, they hardly use them. When they do, they frequently exercise excessively.

Meditation is also an exercise. During meditation, one’s brain becomes quiet; one’s mood becomes calm; one’s meridians are open and energy flows freely; and one’s body relaxes. As a result, one can sleep better and stay healthy.

Meditation Improves Memory. Many people think only disciples of Buddha or Tao meditate, which is not the case. Wang Yangming, a famous philosopher from the Ming Dynasty, said that he regained his health by meditating.

Associate professor Wang Yong from the Third Xinan Hospital’s Military Medical College said, “When we sit crossed-legged, we open our hip joints to the maximum and the abdominal cavity will become spacious. When the blood and energy circulate into the abdominal cavity, all the inner organs in the cavity will be nourished.

Refuel Yourself for Half an Hour Every Day. Human vitality is like a tank of gas—it can be used up. Meditation can refill the tank. It is a source of energy.

Wang Yong also said that meditation is very suitable for busy office staff.

It is also easy: Put the right foot under the left leg, the left foot on the right leg, the hands on the calves with palms facing up. Breathe through the nose with the neck naturally straight. Then you will feel an ache in the legs and back because you are exercising parts you don’t usually use.

A key step in meditation is to pay attention to your breath. Breathing should be gentle and slow, not rapid. You can meditate on an imagined picture or a sound or just on your breath, which will help you collect yourself.

There is no restriction on location. It can be done at home, in the office, even on a train or on a plane. It is good to start with 15 to 30 minutes, gradually increasing to one hour. It is all right to look at the time once or twice during meditation. With more and more meditation, a biological clock of 30 minutes will naturally be set.

If you can’t calm down, you can try listening to gentle music.


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