Forced Abortion in China’s Shandong Province Causes Mother’s Death

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Lawyer urges authorities investigate

By Leo Chen & Gary Pansey
Epoch Times Staff

Because local media in Lijin County in Shandong Province in eastern China refused to report on how a woman died during a forced, late-term abortion, a family member has published the story of the mother’s unnecessary death. This has drawn angry comments across China’s cyberspace.

Radio Free Asia, quoting information released by a mainland human rights website,, reported that Ma Jihong, six months pregnant, was forcibly taken to a state-run hospital in Lijin County, where she died during the abortion.

A relative posted a message on a microblog describing what had happened. The relative stated that local birth control authorities took Ms. Ma to the hospital for an abortion since she and her husband have two children.

Once there, Ma’s fingerprints were forcibly taken along with an unwilling signature, supposedly to show her consent. The surgery began at 4 pm but no updates were given to the family.

By 10 p.m. the family was worried and alarmed, and demanded that the operating room be opened. Inside, there were no medical personnel and Mrs. Ma, no longer breathing, was lying on the operating table.

“Ma’s children were not aware that their mom had died and were crying out for her. We sought help from the local media but none were willing to become involved. So we are asking that this story be spread widely on the web,” the relative wrote.

Over 1,000 netizens commented, with most posts anonymous. This one set the tone for many: “I am shocked! I feel helpless! I feel outraged! I want to do something!”

Some expressed hopelessness about living in China under the Chinese Communist Party: “You cannot do anything. This is a society under the Communist Party.”

And another wrote, “Let’s emigrate to foreign countries, leaving this lawless society.”

Some wanted to take action. A Beijing lawyer wrote offering his services and saying, “We must let the world know that citizens cannot be bullied at will.”

Others hinted at more drastic actions. One poster wrote, “It is indisputable that this communist country is very corrupted. If any group plans to take action, I hope it is a big, shocking action.”

A Beijing lawyer named Cheng Hai (not the one who responded online to the relative’s post), said that it is illegal to perform an abortion without consent. The birth control office’s brutality has resulted in a death so those responsible should be held accountable, he said.

Cheng mentioned that the violent, forced abortions occurring in Shandong have been scathingly criticized by the courageous, blind human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng. Chen was subsequently imprisoned on trumped up charges.

Released this past September, Chen remains under house arrest in very difficult circumstances, with his property having been taken from his family’s home and he and his wife having endured beatings. His health is said to be poor.

Now that another death has happened, Cheng Hai is urging Beijing and Shandong authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

Read the original Chinese article.

via Forced Abortion in China’s Shandong Province Causes Mother’s Death | China News | Epoch Times


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