Chinese Doctors in Ancient Times Had Supernatural Powers

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A Russian girl named Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina has been reported by the media to be able to see through human bodies and look into the organs. The extraordinary abilities of a Russian girl named Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina have been reported. She can see through human bodies and look into the organs. She also gives treatments. After her diagnoses, it was found that people really suffered from the diseases she saw.

A reporter who works for the daily newspaper The Sun obtained the consent of the girl’s parents to research her in England. This made quite a splash in the medical field in the U.K.

This kind of ability is also known as “divine vision.” Someone with this ability can see through walls and inside human bodies. Nowadays, there are very few people with divine vision, but many ancient doctors had this supernatural power. Divine vision has also been recorded in ancient books.

There is an article in “Shih Chi” (“The Records of the Grand Historian”) written by Sima Qian about a doctor called Bian Que, also known as Qin Yueren. He met Zhang Sangjun, a man who had supernatural powers.

This man gave Bian Que a secret recipe and urged him to take the medicine with water “that has not touched the ground,” such as dew. Thirty days after following Zhang Sangjun’s advice, Bian Que saw through walls and inside human bodies.

One day, he passed through the state of Guo and saw a funeral. An official told him that the royal prince had suddenly died, and they were going to put him into a coffin.

While standing at the door to the palace, Bian Que claimed that the prince was not really dead and would come to himself soon. The official did not believe him.

Bian Que insisted: “Just try it. Ask a doctor to make a diagnosis. When the prince hears voices, he will twitch his nose and mouth. You may find that his groin is still warm.” Bian Que’s ability was truly amazing then and is still a mystery today.

Hua Tuo is known to be the founder of traditional Chinese surgery. He invented anesthesia. The information on anesthesia was first seen in “Hou Han Shu”: “If acupuncture and medications cannot heal the disease, we may ask the patient to take the anesthetic with wine. When he becomes numb and loses consciousness, we can then cut his belly open and remove the tumor.

“If the illness is in the intestines and stomach, we cut and rinse it, remove the ill part, and then sew it up. After putting ointment on the wound, he will recover in four to five days and may totally regain his health in one month.”

Hua Tuo operated on people’s bellies, but without X-rays, how could he have known where to cut? It was therefore postulated that Hua Tuo also had divine vision. Otherwise, he could not have been a surgeon.
Zhang Zhongjing, regarded as a sage of Chinese medicine, also had this ability. It was written that Zhang Zhongjing met an official named Wang Zhongxuan. Zhang Zhongjing, who was then 20 years old, knew a lot about medical science.

He said to Wang Zhongxuan: “You are suffering from a disease. When you’re 40, you’ll lose your eyebrows. When all your eyebrows have fallen off, you’ll die in half a year. You need to take ‘five-stone powder’ to prevent this.”

Wang Zhongxuan thought Zhang Zhongjing’s words were offensive. He accepted the medication but did not take it.

Three days later, Zhang Zhongjing met Wang Zhongxuan and asked, “Have you taken the medication?”

“Yes, I have,” answered Wang Zhongxuan.

Zhang Zhongjing replied: “It looks like you didn’t take it. Why don’t you care about your life?”

Wang Zhongxuan did not say a word. Twenty years later, his eyebrows fell off. He then died after 187 days, just as predicted.

The examples above have been recorded in history. Those doctors cultivated their moral character. Thus, they had supernatural power. It is understood that they gave supernatural medical treatments. It was necessary for doctors in ancient times to take up cultivation [spiritual practice]. They used their supernatural power to cure people and to predict good or bad luck.

Later, fewer traditional Chinese medical doctors practiced cultivation. Doctors in ancient times were unconcerned with fame and profit. They were able to quiet their minds. Being quiet results in deep concentration, and being in deep concentration results in wisdom. They therefore had high-level skills.

In modern society, people may live a good life materially. However, as time passes, their desires and attachments increase. There’s bustle everywhere. How can people cultivate themselves under such circumstances?

Current “traditional” Chinese medical doctors use stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, X-rays, microscopes, ultrasound, and other modern medical tools. Their diagnostic speed is considered fast. Yet ancient, traditional Chinese doctors knew a person’s health from just seeing it.

“Traditional” Chinese medicine today has become similar to Western medicine, such as using frequent laboratory tests and modern medical technologies. Only the heritage of experiences and the art of prescribing are left from ancient, traditional Chinese medicine.

The essence of traditional Chinese medicine has been lost.


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