Use of Toxic ‘Lean Meat Powder’ Widespread in China

10 November, 2011 at 08:03 | Posted in Animal welfare, Body & Mind, China, Environmental issues, Food | 2 Comments
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By Hong Ning
Epoch Times Staff

Illegal use of “lean meat powder,” a banned drug in animal feed, is widespread in China. Lean meat powder inhibits the growth of fat in farm animals, thus making the meat more attractive looking and better tasting, but poisonous to humans.

Mutton fed with lean meat powder from a well-known lamb producer in Yanwo Township of Shandong Province has been found in 17 Chinese provinces.

In March, lean meat powder was detected in 198 sheep from Qingyue County, Shandong Province. In late September, eight more sheep farms were found using lean meat powder in Lijin County, Shandong Province.

Lean meat powder is a chemical that belongs to the family of adrenal gland nerve system stimulants. Human consumption of such stimulants leads to dizziness, upset stomach, lethargy, and trembling hands. It is especially dangerous to people with heart  disease and high blood pressure. Long-term consumption may also cause chromosome abnormality.


Many villagers in Yanwo Township make a living raising sheep. Farms raise anywhere from several hundred sheep to as many as tens of thousands.

A villager from Xihou Village, who did not want to give his name, told The Epoch Times several sheep farms were punished for using lean meat powder late last year when the news was made public.

“It badly hurt the income of the entire village, but now the condition is a little better, and about 90 percent of the farms are okay,” he said.

Sheep given lean meat powder produce 3 – 4 lb. more lean meat, and the meat looks more attractive and tastes better, he said.

Read more: Use of Toxic ‘Lean Meat Powder’ Widespread in China | Epoch Times


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  1. Just another reason to never eat Chinese produced food.

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