What Happened to Real Chinese Medicine?

5 January, 2012 at 07:32 | Posted in Body & Mind, China, Chinese culture | 1 Comment
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Preserving genuine Chinese medicine in Hong Kong

By Wang Lili

“Nowadays, medicine is integrative—not quite Western and not quite Eastern,” says traditional Chinese medical doctor Mr. Yu Hong Chao, who believes that the Chinese regime is forcing the development of Western medicine upon the Chinese medical system.

“Half of the teachings are Chinese medicine, and the other half are Western medicine,” he says, adding that this will eventually eradicate traditional Chinese medicine.

“We will have quasi-Chinese medicine,” Mr. Yu says. “It [the current practice] is only about teaching others how to prepare the herbs or how to study the books, but without real clinical experience. Those who really understand diseases and are capable of treating them are few and far between.”

The ordinance that is quickly changing the face of traditional Chinese medicine became effective in 1999. Like Mr. Yu, many practitioners possess great knowledge and skills but fail to meet the requirements of the regulations. This is why the disciples of great masters are often registered medical practitioners, but their master is only listed as a medical practitioner.

According to the Chinese medical regulatory system, “a listed Chinese medical practitioner” cannot provide a document for sick leave or write a prescription. His status is like an LPN in the nursing industry. Mr. Yu is very concerned that traditional Chinese medicine will soon disappear for good. Unfortunately, many Chinese are not even aware of what has been happening to their own culture.

Mr. Yu describes what he regards as real medicine: “One has genuine skills in Chinese medicine. There is a sincere intent to treat patients, and there is the sincerity to recommend patients to other medical practitioners when one’s ability is limited.”

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