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By Milo Heerkens

This was written in response to The Epoch Times’ series, Near-Death Experiences: 30 Years of Research.

I had a near-death experience (NDE) at the age of eight but I didn’t realize its significance until many years later. The NDE occurred while I was in a coma as a long-time sufferer of kidney disease, in the year 1984.

My physical and spiritual growth was slow until at age 29 I finally realized that what I had experienced as a young child so many years before was in fact an NDE. Since then, I have found myself on a quest for knowledge on both the physical and spiritual planes.

I have learned that human life is of immense value, in no way measurable by money. Material possessions don’t interest me. They’re fun to have, but after we die, the only things we can take with us are knowledge and memories.

Something in me has been evolving since I recognized my NDE, but I find few people willing to listen and able to understand. Some even say I’m crazy and stay away from me.

I have acquired gifts such as clairvoyance and high sensitivity. At times I can see auras. The physical body fades away, and the only thing that remains is the soul, which then reveals the traumas that people endure.

I have taken it upon myself to help others with the benefit of what I have seen, but many of them aren’t pleased when I tell them “You shouldn’t smoke, or drink, or work too hard.” Thus, even though I may see in advance what is going to happen to someone, I have to let it happen because that is what’s best for that person’s spiritual growth. We learn from our mistakes and become stronger. We encounter things on our way that we can handle and that belong to our spiritual growth.

I feel quite isolated because I get to see so much about others–things that others do not see. I tend to get carried away emotionally and end up hurting myself because I am attracted to the pain and suffering of others. My concern and worry then settles in my weak spot, the kidneys.

In my NDE, I literally went out of my body on a trip through time. I saw and encountered things from my past as well as the future. Some of the things that were in the future at the time of my NDE haven’t yet come to pass, while others happened years ago. The journey through time was so unreal that it was mind blowing. I was guided by my deceased grandfather, who told me everything about life now and what the future will bring.

I saw that society will experience an enormous downward spiral, and many will suffer. Those who don’t want to listen will be removed from the Earth. I sailed through time, saw the
Earth from above, and received knowledge that is still hard to understand.

I learned that life and death are one and the same. There is only life. People see death as something to avoid, but it’s a continuous process. When someone dies, somewhere else a baby is born and that same soul gains the opportunity to grow and become better.

Everything that happens in our bodies can be seen in nature as well. There’s a continuous supply and removal of food and waste products.

After sailing through time, the return to my diseased body and the Earth was quite painful. It left me angry, even wanting to die because the other side is so much more beautiful than here. It’s impossible to imagine if you haven’t witnessed it.

Milo Heerkens
The Netherlands

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article and appreciate what the author has shared with us. As far as society getting worse, this is indisputable. While I understand and believe that God is in control and allows bad things to happen to us in order to bring a greater good from it, I can’t help but feeling depressed and discouraged by what is going on around me. My country is turning into a secular country, the Catholic Church is being attacked more than ever, and our own president is deliberately trying to bring about it’s ruin, babies are being aborted in record number and sin is glorified in the media like it’s going out of styule. How does one find hope in these circumstances?

    I lost my most beloved father recently and that has increased my sorrows. I have barely participated in this Lent, I feel lost.

    • Dear Jane,
      I understand what you mean, the morality is now declining fast. Still we have to focus on the light within and not let us being dragged down by outer circumstances. The most imortant, I think, is to see and be grateful for the good things we have in our lifes, to be good to others and bear our hardships with a patient mind. There are courses in how to deal with grief, perhaps that is something for you? I can recommend this: The Grief Recovery Handbook : The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death Divorce, and Other Losses
      Kindly Kristina

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