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The power of nature is really strong, I’ve seen this here in Sweden, how the sea and waves really can destroy. I wish them all luck to rebuild this beautiful place.

For a long time I  have wanted to visit Cinque Terre. Sooner or later I will go there, I hope for sooner! I think the best time to go to the Mediterranean is in May and June; a lot of flowers and not so hot and crowded.

I can see myself walking from town to town along the sea during a week or two, spending the nights in different towns. Smelling the fragrance of different herbs that grows in the mountains, perhaps like in lovely Crete?

Rebuilding the Paths to Paradise

By Mitchell Jordan

The Italian coast of Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage site drawing thousands of tourists from around the world, is facing a fight for its future after natural disaster wreaked havoc last year, reports Mitchell Jordan.

Locals compared the severity of the situation to that of WWII, when the area was bombed. What followed was, according to one resident I met during my stay and later contacted, nothing short of nightmare.

“I do not have the words to describe the situation,” she wrote, some weeks after, when Internet access was possible.

“We have problems with food and water, the army bring them to us. There are helicopters flying around. Police walking around the town all the night long. Firemen and the army are working all the night.”

Months later and things are still grim. According to Monterosso resident, Stefano Nicora, his town may have been saved from disappearing completely, but on a scale of one to 10 (worse to best), Cinque Terre is currently sitting on a four.

He reports that many local businesses in the two towns are doing everything they can to bounce back for the tourist season.

“The huge problem unfortunately is that the main street is fully damaged and will take a long time to be rebuilt because there is not much public money.

“Gas for heating is not yet available due [to] the damaging of the main pipes, so many buildings are without heat and gas for cooking,” he said.

Mr Nicora understands the fragile position the area is in. “I hope we will be ready for the tourist season in April. Our economy is based on tourism 100 per cent and works nine months of the year thanks to the Cinque Terre path, our beautiful beach and our more beautiful, clean and clear sea. Without these three points we are in trouble.”

Mayor of Vernazza, Vincenzo Resasco, is likewise worried about Cinque Terre’s ability to remain resilient. In a report, he said: “There’s a lot of work to be done, because Vernazza is still not secure. The territory isn’t in the condition to withstand even normal rainfalls.”

According to the action website Save Vernazza, dedicated to raising money for the town and also raising awareness of the situation, the town alone suffered 108 million euro ($A133 million) worth of damage.

One of the things that saddens Michele Sherman, executive director of Save Vernazza, most is that so few people are unaware of last year’s tragedy.

“This past Saturday morning as I was walking down Vernazza’s main street, a train pulled up and some tourists got off. As they descended the stairs it was evident by their expressions they had no knowledge of what happened in Vernazza on 25 October,” she said.

“Later in the afternoon, a group of American students studying abroad for a semester at the University of Florence arrived. They asked, I explained. I cried, they cried.”

Tears may be easy to wipe away, but rebuilding the pathway to Cinque Terre’s future may be the greatest challenge this Italian coast has ever faced.

via Rebuilding the Paths to Paradise | Travel | Life | Epoch Times


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