2012 Top 10 New Species List Highlights Biodiversity Crisis

24 May, 2012 at 17:32 | Posted in Environmental issues, Nature, Science, sustainable development | Leave a comment
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Annual announcement commemorates May 23 birthday of Linnaeus

Epoch Times Staff

An iridescent blue tarantula, a sneezing monkey, and a teensy attack wasp are among the top 10 new species described last year.

Based on their unique appearance or bizarre traits, the creatures were selected from over 200 nominations by an international committee of scientists in conjunction with the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) at Arizona State University.

“Some of the new species have interesting names; some highlight what little we really know about our planet,” said committee chair Mary Liz Jameson from Wichita State University in a press release.

This is the award’s fifth year with the results announced every May 23 to celebrate the birthday of Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus, founder of the taxonomy system.

“The top 10 is intended to bring attention to the biodiversity crisis and the unsung species explorers and museums who continue a 250-year tradition of discovering and describing the millions of kinds of plants, animals and microbes with whom we share this planet,” said entomologist Quentin Wheeler, director of IISE, in the release.

“The more species we discover, the more amazing the biosphere proves to be, and the better prepared we are to face whatever environmental challenges lie ahead.”

Read more: 2012 Top 10 New Species List Highlights Biodiversity Crisis | Earth & Environment | Science | Epoch Times


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