My “Ugly” Husband Is a “Diamond in the Rough”

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By Huamin, a Falun Dafa practitioner
in Heilongjiang Province

My husband is ugly-looking, simple-minded, and a little stubborn. At the same time, he is honest, poised, upright, kind, and very responsible. There’s an old saying: “Being husband and wife is fate.” That is true; fate brought us together.

One Chinese New Year after he’d returned from visiting a friend, my father said, “A matchmaker wants to introduce someone to you. I turned him down since you are still young.” I didn’t think too much about it. After the Chinese New Year, the matchmaker brought it up again. I figured that I’d just go and see. I heard that he was an honest person and could cook well.

I was not impressed with him at first, I just thought he looked ugly. However, we still went out occasionally. Perhaps it was destiny, and we eventually got married. He took very good care of me, like an older brother. He did most of the cooking since I didn’t know how. I never got up in the morning to make him breakfast. In the morning, he’d grab something simple to eat before he rushed to work. I was very spoiled. Whenever we quarreled, I’d argue—even if it was my fault—and he would always apologize until I calmed down. He was industrious and could endure hardship. Whatever chores I didn’t want to do, he’d quickly take over. He never asked me to do anything I didn’t like. If something bothered me at work or home, I told him about it. He then comforted me and guided me to quickly forget the problems. He respected and cared for his parents. He took the year-end bonus he received from work to his parents first. When my father got cancer, we brought him into our house and took care of him until he passed away.

My husband worked very hard and was kind to others. He rarely had conflicts with coworkers. He was straightforward but not good with words. He didn’t know how to say the things his boss wanted to hear, nor was he hypocritical, let alone involved in bribery. In today’s society, people like my husband are considered “not smart.” I began looking down on him, thinking that he was not only ugly, but useless, stubborn, too honest, and not as hypocritical as he needed to be. I believed that he’d never make good money and I started to pick on him. I proposed divorce many times and our marriage was in jeopardy.

Luckily, in the winter of 1997, we learned Falun Dafa together on the same day. After I meditated for the first time, that night, I found that my crooked back had straightened. My husband and I were very happy and excited. Before that, he had to massage my back every night to help me sleep.

As we continued to read Zhuan Falun and did the exercises, more miracles happened. My husband’s irregular heartbeat went away and his kidneys started to function normally. My ailments with my stomach, throat, shoulder, and nose disappeared. A Chinese medicine doctor once told me that I had a heart as weak as a 70-year-old, which caused severe fatigue. Now, my heart is strong and I can do any work I want and am full of energy.

More importantly, Falun Dafa taught us how to behave: to be considerate, kind, and selfless. I understood the real meaning of being good and kind. My perspective on life changed completely. I looked back and realized that my husband was, in fact, a very good person. He was honest, kind, and innocent, with all the traditional virtues. I realized that, as a woman, I should be gentle and virtuous; as a wife, I should care for and be considerate of my husband. I should shoulder a wife’s duties and responsibilities. I knew that I should cherish our relationship. From then on, I made him breakfast every day. I tried to do as many household chores as possible, I cared for him and looked within when there was a conflict between us. Our family became warm and peaceful.

We went to the outdoor exercise sessions daily and studied the Falun Dafa teachings every night. Our lives were happy and substantial. We knew that all we had came from Dafa. Teacher not only gave us health, but a happy family.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999. I was illegally arrested for appealing for Falun Gong. In 2000, I was fired because I refused to give up my belief. I was detained in a forced labor camp for a year. During that time, my husband supported the family alone and endured the pressure from our families and society. My father-in-law often reprimanded and scolded him, and police officers frequently harassed him at home. The second time I was arrested, my in-laws asked my husband to divorce me. He refused and said that he would wait for me for as long as it took. Due to the persecution, we rarely saw each other in those years. My husband practically lived alone. I know that he suffered tremendously having to take care of everything himself. He never complained or talked about his problems when I returned home.

Everyone who knew my husband felt sorry for him. He smiled every day. One time I joked with him, “You seemed to enjoy living by yourself. You still gained weight being so busy.” Others thought that we led a bitter life, but there was only sweetness in our hearts. We have Falun Dafa in our hearts, we are practitioners, we have Teacher to take care of us, and we are heading toward a beautiful future. The real victims are those who do not understand the facts of Falun Dafa and the persecution.

My husband is very frugal and doesn’t spend money on anything. He uses the money he saves to help and support me. Initially, his sisters wouldn’t let him give me money. He told them, “She’s my wife. If I don’t help her, who will?” With his strong support, I felt safe and at peace wherever I was. This comes from our belief in Teacher and the Falun Dafa teachings. We are fearless before tribulations and can break through all interference.

We have suffered a lot these years. We thank the selfless practitioners who’ve helped us. We are extremely happy and grateful because we know that we’re lucky enough to have obtained the Fa of the universe. We know why we are here and the true meaning of life. We know there is glory ahead of us.

[From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction]

Chinese version available

via [Selected Submission] My “Ugly” Husband Is a “Diamond in the Rough” | Falun Dafa – Minghui Site


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