Summer Break!

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The blog is now taking its annual summer break.

I wish you all a really nice summer with sun, sea, forest, togetherness and everything you need to fill yourself up with, before the short days of wintertime that unavoidable will be here. Here in Sweden we really enjoy our light season and the nordic light!

See you all in August. Rainy days I might fill in with links to articles. But no musts, otherwise it isn’t a holiday 🙂 Please check out Twitter, in the sidebar to the right, as well.

Have a really nice Summer 🙂

Links to interesting articles:

Sponging Dolphins Form Cultural Cliques

Chinese Authorities Cover Up Deadly Tick Bite Epidemic

Accused Chinese Organ Harvester Lurks in Transplant Community

Maya Used Chocolate as Spice 2,500 Years Ago

Ancient Alteration of Seawater Chemistry Linked With Past Climate Change

Censors Block Eyewitness Accounts of Beijing Flood

Seeking Clarity on the Crisis in China

Plants Can See and Smell, Says Researcher

Swedish Startup Bringing Democracy to the Flow of Information

Reducing Salt Intake could Reduce Stomach Cancer

July Crop Circle Photos From the UK

‘Take a stand’ Urge Doctors Against Organ Harvesting

Cashed-Up Chinese Emigrate for Security, Education

Huge Dam Part of Mayan Water Management System

Corruption and Bribes Shield Fake Products in China

Chinese Regime’s Leaders Humiliated but Keep Silent

Doggerland: Atlantis-Like Country Discovered off Scottish Coast

The ‘truth’ deleted from internet in China

A Chinese Dance Competition Forbidden in China

Freedom and Dance in Communist China

With Leadership Transition Looming, Falun Gong Persecution Intensifies

Making Sense of China’s Political Crisis

Vatican-Named Bishop Goes Missing in China

Cover-Up Suspicions Persist in Tragic Tianjin Fire

Chinese Regime Faces Crisis, Says Top Party Official

China’s Top Leaders Move to Further Weaken Gestapo-Like Organization

Chinese Australian Witnessed Persecution of Falun Gong in China

Latex Spill Turns Chinese River to ‘River of Milk’

Mozi: The Great Chinese Thinker on Peace and Love

CERN Says New Particle Is Probably Higgs Boson

Plants May Communicate by Sound

Study Reveals Potential Triggers for Autism

Mimicking Firefly Light to Design Tomorrow’s Light Bulbs

Earthing: Our Vital Connection

Earth Connection – Grounding

Prescription for Health and Happiness: A Daily Dose of Nature

In Northeastern China, 15,000 Defend Falun Gong Practitioners

Dairy Farming in Saharan Africa Began 7,000 Years Ago

China Forced Abortion Case Tip of the Iceberg

Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part 3)

Baltic Sea ‘UFO’ Mystery Deepens With Dive

Chinese Public Gratefully Downloads Food Safety Guide

Unsafe Levels of Cadmium Found in 10 Percent of China’s Rice

Mercury-Tainted Milk Products Recalled by Chinese Dairy Firm

Black Holes May Act as Gigantic Particle Accelerators

Chinese Activist Jailed in Coffin-Sized Cell

Activists Won’t Take ‘No’ for Answer in Dissident Death-Li Wangyang’s suspicious suicide has enlivened protesters against one-party dictatorship

Right to Education in Beijing Depends on Residency-Children of migrant workers denied access to schools

Chinese Lawyers Who Defended Falun Gong: Wang Yonghang

Chinese Lawyers Who Defended Falun Gong: Wei Liangyue

In China, Removing the Bloody-Hands Faction Is Only the Beginning

Today’s Dogs Genetically Distinct From Ancient Breeds

Velcro-Like Cells in Flowers Help Insects Grip

US Decision on Confucius Institutes Prompts Backlash in China

Chinese Regime Has Backdoor Access to US Systems-Alarming report reveals malware in silicon chips

Fear of Darkness May Contribute to Light Sleep

Obesity: Conventional Explanation Not the Whole Story-Researchers say it’s not as simple as too much food, too little exercise

How the Chinese Communist Party Convinced the World to Accept It-A revolutionary party learned to survive by wrapping itself in ‘stability’

Commentary 6: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

SHEN YUN-Artist Profile: Ms. Chia-Ling Chen-Using art to bring goodness to people


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