Buck – What a Documentary!

1 September, 2012 at 16:12 | Posted in Animal welfare, Body & Mind, Children, Culture, Society, sustainable development | 2 Comments
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This documentary about Buck really touched me. What a nice man he seems to be; honest, soft and firm at the same time and with a huge sense for other living beings, and especially horses since he is a cowboy 🙂

Wonderful to see how he is so much in tune with another being, and that’s exactly how it should be! With everything and everyone! Can really recommend it. It’s possible to see this documentary for another 26 days.

Watch it on SVT Play (in English): Buck Brannaman has developed a unique and highly successful method to manage and train horses. It’s all about communicating with horses by using a responsive leadership and without penalty. Mostly he travels between ranches, where he teaches the method to horse owners. He spends most of the year on the road, without his wife and daughters. Bucks childhood was uncertain. An abusive father beat him and his brother, and they were forced to performing all sorts of tricks. The turnaround came when a football coach, after having seen the scars on the Bucks back and legs, helped him to move and find a foster family. (Translated from Swedish)



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  1. I saw this too, Kristina and love his way with horses : responsive leadership without penalty. Isn’t it great how he has also turned his own life around by practising this method ?
    Horses are amazing beings. I find Equine therapy fascinating. Thank you !

    • Yes it’s so lovely to see 🙂 Equine therapy, is that what it’s called? I have to check that up. I think he is a very wise man or have turned wise with the help of his foster family and the love he seems to have met on his way, from horses and people. And as you say, by practising the method. And by being him 🙂

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