Water Pollution Drowns Vitality of a Shandong Village

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By Lin Congwen
Epoch Times Staff

People in the little town of Jinling, Shandong Province, live in the shadow of death, surrounded on three sides by chemical plants discharging toxic waste into their groundwater.

According to a report from China National Radio, locals say there is a funeral nearly every day, and the public cemetery is almost full with more and more new graves.

Jinling is located near the Qilu Chemical Industrial Park in Zibo City. A chemical distribution company releases waste into a small stream that borders the township. The stream used to be clear and sparkling, but is now an exotic peacock blue, and the stench is overwhelming.

Cancer is so common here that villagers tease each other about the “cancer virus”, and the village is well-known at the provincial cancer hospital. Whenever a patient arrives from Zibo City, the staff ask, “Are they from Jinling?”

With rapidly developing terminal gastric, lung, and esophageal cancers, the villagers in this town of about 15,000 are dying in their 30s and 40s. In many cases, by the time the cancer is diagnosed, they are already terminal.

The water is so poisonous that brides who marry outside the village only come back to visit for a day, and then leave right away. They would never bathe there, they say, as the contamination is so bad it burns their skin.

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