Crop Circles: A Perspective From the Ground Up

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By Susanna Wilkerson

Compton Bassett, ENGLAND—After years of studying sacred geometry—the mathematical geometrical structures inherent in all life forms—I realized that crop circles are predominantly based on the same principles.

Knowing from experience how hard it is to draw the most basic of the geometries by hand, even using a compass and a rule, I realized that the complexity and intricacy, the sheer size of these formations is such that only a higher intelligence could create so detailed an image that can only be truly appreciated from an aircraft.

Two days ago, I met ex-RAF pilot Tony Hughes, who took me at close-range in a microlight aircraft around the Wiltshire farmlands, which have the highest frequency of crop circles of all locations in the world.

We were able to see the newest formation that was laid down on Aug. 26, perhaps the grand finale of this season due to the wet weather and early harvesting.

The experience was breathtaking and expansive, especially as we covered eight different sites in less than 30 minutes, the most recent pattern being estimated at 50 meters across, and again containing the predominant geometries that you see in organic crystalline forms in nature and the human genome.

When asked, Tony explained his most interesting experience during his 6,000 plus air-hours was when he passed over an area with a photographer and only minutes later, on his return via the same route to the airfield, he sighted a completely new and complex crop design that had not been there minutes earlier.

Tony agreed that only a higher intelligence could be capable of creating such complex and mathematically perfect design structures. We discussed how we both know people who are experts in computer graphics and admit that even they find it difficult to replicate the designs, which would require many many hours and calculations.

Consequently I’m convinced of the genuine nature of these phenomena not being created by humans (with rope and planks of wood), unless my own theory is true, which is that I believe it is us, human consciousness, in a future state of evolution speaking to us now, saying “WAKE UP!”

One of the first formations I ever studied in person, back in 2008, had the symbolism of a Celtic cross in motion, like a giant artist’s brush had passed through it. As I stood in it, I could feel this swishing energy passing through me and at the center I just wanted to lie down and absorb the whole sensation.

I felt it acting on my subconscious, like a key turning in a lock, and an understanding which I can’t really put into words came as a playful but profound insight. Like the paintbrush of a gentle giant stroking the wheat stalks down, even though they appeared to be flattened, one could see that they were bent not broken, still alive and yet there was no sense of any violence having been committed.

For people who are still buying the hoaxer story that was broadcast by the BBC years ago to debunk this phenomenon, they are certainly missing an enormously benevolent message that reads like goodwill toward all men and the Earth.

Which reminds me of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophy: “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” If you never put something sweet in your mouth, how could you describe what sugar tastes like?

Susanna Wilkerson is a teacher, psychologist, and naturopath. She lives in Australia where she farms hemp for nutritional and building projects, and has a school for working with awareness open to all ages and possibilities for growth.

via Crop Circles: A Perspective From the Ground Up | Beyond Science | Science | Epoch Times

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