Natural vanilla flavors? Well, That’s Often a Beaver’s Gland…

15 September, 2013 at 15:09 | Posted in Food, thoughts of the day | Leave a comment
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I didn’t know this. And many more with me don’t, I guess. In fact I find it disgusting to eat this. I thought I ate natural vanilla and raspberry flavors.

I wonder how the food industry get hold of the glands, are they keeping the beavers in captivity? Are they killed for just the sake of the glands?

Here you can read more about it… Castoreum: Love raspberry or vanilla flavoring? Chances you may have eaten castoreum, which is a gland that beavers use, along with urine, to mark their territory. This gland is very popular as it is used in perfumes as well as in some food flavorings. It qualifies as a “natural” ingredient in all-natural foods.


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