How to Communicate With Your Dog

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By Tara MacIsaac
Epoch Times

You may also see what Cesar Millan says about this. Please click on the image.

Though dogs may understand some human words, body language is their main form of communication. Not only is it how they tell you what they’re feeling, it is also the best way to communicate with them.

Here are some signs your dog may give you and how you can respond:


Dogs may sweat through their paws when they are stressed. They may rapidly pant and lower the back end of their bodies with their tails down.

Calming signals: Dogs perform these actions as a way to calm themselves and others, but you can also imitate these actions to put a stressed dog at ease: yawn, look away, move slowly, appear to become distracted by something, sit. Dogs may also lick their lips or nose and lie down.

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