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“Everything that happens to you is a test to see whether you can regard yourself as a cultivator, find your own wrongdoing and mistakes, and conduct yourself as a cultivator. Remember these words of mine: No matter what trouble you encounter, no matter what makes you feel unpleasant inside, and no matter whether on the surface you’re right or wrong, if you are to truly regard yourself as a cultivator you should always examine yourself for causes. Ask yourself whether you have a wrong, hard-to-detect motive that’s related to the problem. If you, as a cultivator, only part with things superficially while deep down inside you still stick to something or cling to your own vital interests that you don’t allow to be undermined, I’d say to you that your cultivation is fake! If your own thinking doesn’t change, you cannot advance even one step and are deceiving yourself. Only when you truly improve from within can you make real progress. So be sure to remember this: Whenever you come across anything such as troubles, unpleasant things, or friction with others, you need to examine yourself and search within. You will find the cause of that insurmountable problem. Previously, during the qigong craze, many people understood that one’s own energy field could influence one’s surroundings. In reality, that’s not how it is. It’s because there is discord within you, which contradicts the essential nature of the cosmos, that you find everything around you in disharmony with you—that’s the relationship. Everything will follow smoothly if you adjust yourself. That’s exactly how it is.”
~ Li Hongzhi

So for me this means that when I face a challenge of any kind, internal or external, I have an opportunity to change the situation. The problem want to show me something, and by looking inward and letting go of that which creates an imbalance within me, I can through this new state of peace and balance reach a deeper integration of my true nature and be more in tune with the cosmos essential nature and my surroundings.

When I have released the cause of dissonance, which is my sticking to something within me that creates an imbalance in the external, life is smooth for a while again. If I encounter the same thing over and over again and refuses to see why, life often finally organize a big crisis so that I can finally take hold of it.

This guideline works for me and is a part of my spirituality in everyday life.

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