Quote of the Day – To live a pure unselfish life

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Pure unselfish love

“To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own
in the midst of abundance.”

Gautama Siddharta 563-483 B.C.


‘Buddha’s Light’ Shines Near Chongqing

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By Amy Lien & Gary Pansey
Epoch Times Staff

The alluring and mystical sight of the “Buddha’s Light” appeared above the Yuntai temple on Yuntai Mountain outside Chongqing City, in Sichuan Province.

Bloggers photographed and uploaded scenes of a rarely seen phenomenon.

Glowing with seven different colors above the Yuantong Hall, a circle of the “Buddha’s Light” lasted about for half an hour.

It appeared in the west while the sun was still rising in the east, entrancing the viewers and causing locals to run for their cameras.

Blogger Puti Wushu on www.tianya.cn described it: “With the emergence of sunshine after the rain, some friends invited me together with a tai chi instructor to take pictures on Yuntai Mountain.”

“Upon our arrival at the Yuantong Hall of Yuntai Temple, we witnessed one circle of mystical Buddha light which had not been seen for ages. All of us felt great joy to see the sight. Astoundingly, in the center of the Buddha light was a human shadow.”

“Though five or six of us stood in a line, each of us just saw our own single shadow.”

“At first we found it hard to believe. Then one of us waved his arms with the rest remaining still. What he saw and what he photographed was only his own shadow with his arms waving.”

“Meanwhile, what the rest of us snapped was our single fixed shadow in the center of the Buddha light.”

“Buddha’s Light” is considered to be a “glory,” which is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is believed to arise when light rays enter water droplets at opposite points and then undergo internal reflection.

The first recorded example in China was on Mt. Emei in 63 A.D. That the individual viewer always sees his or her own reflection in the image is regarded as a sign of personal enlightenment and the Buddha’s blessing.

Read the original Chinese article.


via ‘Buddha’s Light’ Shines Near Chongqing | Science | Epoch Times

Buddha Statues Moving and Emitting Light – Many Eyewitnesses

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Look especially from 8:10 and onwards…

Buddha Statues in Malaysia Seen Moving and Emitting Light

By Stephanie Lam
Epoch Times Staff

Several Buddha statues in the Pu Xian Service Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were recently seen moving their lips, blinking, moving their chests and hands, and emitting light. The strange phenomenon occurred for about an hour.

At 5–6 p.m. local time on Feb. 27, after a service at the Buddhist center, more than 100 members were lining up to meet Tong Chew, the abbot of the center, when they saw that the Buddha statues in the room started moving, Malaysia’s Chinese newspaper Guang Ming Daily reported.

The witnesses told the newspaper that they first saw one Buddha statue’s lips moving, and its chest also moved as if it was breathing. Then, other statues started moving their lips too, and some kept blinking and even moved their fingers up and down.

Many of the witnesses recorded the strange phenomenon with their cell phones and cameras, and uploaded the videos to YouTube and Facebook. One particular video shows light emanating from the swastika symbol on a Buddha statue’s chest several times. Another video shows a blue light appearing behind a Buddha statue.

“Before the Buddha statues moved their mouths, some members said they saw a ray entering the statues, and the statues immediately moved as if life had been injected,” Yang Ping, a Buddhist at the center, told Guang Ming Daily.

Abbot Chew claims that phenomena like this have happened numerous times, according to Guang Ming Daily. In the beginning, the statues only emitted light, but later they started making noises, he said.

“The voices from the statues are particularly loud and harmonious, and sound like they are from another dimension,” he told Guang Ming Daily.

Read more: Buddha Statues in Malaysia Seen Moving and Emitting Light | Science | Epoch Times

Amazing – Buddha Statue Remains Despite Calamity and Devastation

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Have a look at the undestroyed Buddha statue, despite all devastation, after being through a 9.0 earthquake and a tsunami, it just stands there. Doesn’t this bring a sense of hope?

“Photos and videos released of the aftermath of the massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Japan last week made its mark upon people around the world.”

More: Japan Earthquake, 3 Days Later (Photos) | World | Epoch Times

Quote of the Day – Heart of a Buddha

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“If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us? Indifference brings indifference; loving kindness brings loving kindness. Heart of a Buddha.”

My thoughts go to the Japanese people and the difficulties and suffering they are now facing. From living a nice life to living a life where there is life threatening radioactivity in the air, and where everything around you is destroyed from a very big earthquake and a tsunami. A life where food supplies are running out and you are just stuck somewhere.

My thoughts go to all these people who may have lost their beloved ones in such a big calamity and who now, under great pressure, have to deal with so many challenges.

Life is fragile, we think we are protected but the only thing that in fact is protecting us is how unselfish we can be as a human being; how compassionate our heart can be, since all good deeds will be rewarded and so will the bad deeds. That’s how karma works. Still we can help those who suffer since this is an act out of compassion.

I’ve read stories about people, who when they have met difficulties they have turned to each other and started helping each other unselfishly, instead of looking for their own benefits. This is a heart of a Buddha manifested, the heart of an enlighten being. That is our true innate nature. I wish we all, myself included, could have this heart all the time…

Quote of the Day – Cultivate Away the Dross and See the Bliss of the Soul

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“After every happiness comes misery; they may be far apart or near. The more advanced the soul, the more quickly does one follow the other. What we want is neither happiness nor misery. Both make us forget our true nature; both are chains – one iron, one gold; behind both is the Atman, who knows neither happiness nor misery. These are states, and states must ever change; but the nature of the Atman is bliss, peace, unchanging. We have not to get it, we have it; only wash away the dross and see it.”


Quote of The Day- The Power of Compassion

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“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” ~ Siddhārtha Gautama

Quote of the Day – We are Shaped by Our Thoughts

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“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ~ Buddha

Tradition of Buddhist Art Still Alive – New Tang Dynasty Television

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Art which has been hidden in a Buddhist temple in Nepal for ages is presented today by Lok Chitrakar, an artist from Katmandu. 110 canvases of ritual art and more than 70 sculptures are now on exhibit in one of Saint Petersburg’s cultural centers.

All of the exhibits are a master and his pupils’ works, in the Newar Paubha technique.

The main topic for Paubha paintings are Buddhist and Hindu deities.

All the canvases are made from cotton. The paints are traditionally made from crushed stones and vegetable dye.

Here’s a famous Buddhist story. Buddha Shakyamuni under the bodhi tree at the moment of his Enlightenment.

Many such stories have never left temples before.

Read more: Tradition of Buddhist Art Still Alive – New Tang Dynasty Television.

An Ancient Cultivation Story: Seeing the Buddha

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Once upon a time, there were 500 blind people in Vaishali, the old capital city of the Licchavi. As they could not see anything, they couldn’t perform any type of job. They survived by begging for food, and other people discriminated against them terribly.Then Prince Siddartha attained Buddhahood. These 500 blind people heard the great news that Buddha was in the human world, and they could no longer stay calm, because they knew that everyone who was able to see the Buddha would have all their illnesses and sufferings eliminated, and all tribulations and vexations resolved. They got together and discussed this matter. They said, “How badly do we need to see the Buddha?! As long as we get to see Buddha, we will be able to see the world!”

One person who was usually the head of the group said, “Right! We should go see the Buddha instead of waiting here for Buddha to come to see us. Don’t you agree?”

Others said helplessly, “How do we get to him? We can’t even see the roads!”

The head of the group replied, “If we truly want to go see the Buddha, we must find someone who can see to lead us. Let’s do it this way. We will try our best to beg for money and each collect one gold coin. By the time we have collected 500 gold coins, we can hire someone to lead us to see the Buddha.”

Hence these blind people went to different places to beg for money. After quite some time and numerous sufferings, they were able to collect 500 gold coins, and they hired someone to be their guide.

The guide took the lead, and the blind persons lined up, with each person holding onto the clothes of the one just in front. They formed a long, zigzag line that looked very impressive.

Then they headed for Sravasti, where the Buddha resided. During the journey, they endured all kinds of arduous hardships, but they felt their hearts were filled with more and more brightness, and the journey became less and less painful. However, as they were approaching Magadha, they had to wade across a swamp in the mountains. The guide noticed that the journey ahead would be very difficult and found an excuse to leave the blind people on their own.

They waited and waited, but the guide never came back as he had promised. They were very scared and said to each other, “All our efforts have ended up in vain. That scoundrel took our money and left us. What shall we do?”

Everyone was frightened out of their wits, but the head person heard the sound of water ahead. He knew that must be the swamp they needed to wade across, so he asked everyone to walk in that direction holding hands. As they were walking forward by feeling around, someone shouted at them with anger, “You beasts, are you blind? You trampled on all the new crops I planted, and they are all dead!”

“Alas! We are really sorry about that. We are all blind. If we were able to see, we would not have made such a mistake. We beg you, kindhearted sir, to help us with great compassion and show us the road to Sravasti! A swindler has taken our money, so we will only be able to compensate you for your loss later. We will keep our promise!”

The landowner thought that these blind people were indeed very pitiful. He sighed and said to them, “Forget about my loss! Come with me. I will find someone to take you to Sravasti.”

The blind people were overjoyed and could not thank him enough. “Fortunately, we have met you, an extremely kind person!”

The landowner found someone to lead them to Sravasti. When they arrived, they were very happy. Unfortunately, the abbot in the temple told them, “You have arrived too late. Buddha has gone to Magadha.”

The blind people were very disappointed but found their way back to Magadha. They suffered a lot on their way, but they arrived at Magadha only to find that Buddha had already gone back to Sravasti.

Although they were exhausted, they firmly believed they would eventually be able to see the Buddha, so they once again headed for Sravasti. They were determined that they would not stop until they saw the Buddha. Sadly, they were not able to see the Buddha at Sravasti again.

“Buddha went to Magadha again.” The abbot told them with sympathy. The blind people had to turn back to Magadha for a second time.

After they had traveled back and forth between the two cities seven times, the Buddha saw that their hearts for benevolence had reached the standard, so he waited for them at his residence in Sravasti.

Buddha's faceBuddha’s compassionate light shone forth and the blind people felt intense light in front of their eyes. Finally, they were able to see the Buddha they had longed for.

The 500 blind people all knelt down to worship the Buddha and express their thankfulness. “Buddha, you offer salvation to all those who are in the midst of suffering. Please give us the eyesight to see the light, so that we are able to see you, the Buddha who shines like the heavenly light!”

Seeing that they were so sincere, Buddha said to them, “You are so very pious, and you made a long and arduous journey with firm determination. I will grant you eyesight to see the brightness.” The 500 blind people immediately were able to see. They knelt on the ground and gratefully said, “Thank you, Buddha, for your compassion! Thank you, Buddha, for your boundless virtue! Please accept us as Buddhist disciples. We want to follow you and worship you for numerous life cycles to come!”

Buddha said, “All right, my disciples!”

They became Buddha’s disciples and they were very diligent in their cultivation. In the end, they all attained the status of Arhat.

Buddha enlightened, not touched by the world’s temptations

– Arhat is the first level of enlightenment.

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