We Know Iceland is Photogenic, but What This Photographer Captured is Astounding

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We Know Iceland is Photogenic, but What This Photographer Captured Is Astounding Photo Gallery: photo 3

By Benjamin Kim
Epoch Times


Erez Marom was born in 1980 in Holon, Israel, where he still lives today, though his annual trips to Iceland inspire him greatly. He spends about a month in Iceland each time conducting workshops and finding new treasures to photograph.

He writes on his website: “Upon first visiting Iceland in late 2011, I fell in love with its eeriness, its people and especially its out-of-this-world landscapes. But back then I wouldn’t have guessed that this country and I would develop such a special, deep, and long-lasting relationship.”

His parents encouraged him to pursue an artistic career. He started playing the drums when he was 9 years old and is still an active musician today.

In 2008, some photos taken with a DSLR (digital second lens reflex) camera and his passion for photography began. He especially focuses on travel and nature photography, making Iceland a perfect subject. He has also captured the beauty of India, Nepal, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Peru, his native Israel, among other locations.

Sights of the Northern Lights and Iceland’s fjords have long been favorites of photographers, but Marom captures unique views that make the viewer appreciate the beauty of Iceland anew.

To see more of his work, visit his website, www.erezmarom.com. For more information on his photography workshop, Click Here.  To visit his Facebook page, Click Here

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Springtime by the River

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Here I was sitting yesterday, enjoying the sun, listening to happy birds singing and to the water swirling around. A moment of harmony and peace.



Cooper & Gorfer “My Quiet of Gold” in Gothenburg!

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Exhibition: Cooper & Gorfer My Quiet of Gold

February 25–May 15 2011

HASSELBLAD FOUNDATION The work of Gothenburgbased artist duo Sarah Cooper (USA) and Nina Gorfer (Austria) belongs to a narrative tradition within photography, with roots in 18th and 19th century painting. Their staged photographs hold distinct reference to fables and myths. Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer are choreographers behind their images. Their working process is intuitive and organic. Curiosity attracts them to unknown places where they tactfully and sensitivelly observe the surroundings. Ideas come about and are realized in close collaboration with the people they portray. The exhibition at the Hasselblad Center focuses on the photographs from a journey to Kyrgyzstan, which depict the collective memories and folk tales of a people. The images are processed digitally, forming picturesque collages in which the stories are never linear. Instead they suggest multifaceted and dream like realities.

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True Joy! :-)

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“There were over 2 500 entries in last month’s contest with the theme “Best children’s picture”. The jury had a difficult task to find a single winner, but finally completely agreed that Andreas Larsson’s picture of the young pianist was the competition’s best.”

From a Swedish newspaper  – SvD

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Incredible Macro Photos

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